Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is the first instalment of the multimillion bestselling Outlander series -- a must read for anyone who loves historical fiction, time travel, and a fierce female protagonist with a sharp tongue and wicked sense of humour.

Outlander tells the story of former combat nurse Claire Randall, who, after being torn apart by war, is finally reunited with her husband Frank. Spending time in Scotland on their honeymoon, tales of the highlands lead her to the notorious Craig na Dun: a standing stone circle which blasts her back in time to war-torn Scotland, in 1743. Waking up as a sassenach, she must quickly forget about her previous life and live under the radar -- but, when being rescued by the handsome and curious clansman Jamie Fraser, leading a furtive life becomes a seemingly impossible task.

Favourite quote:

'"I can bear pain myself," he said softly, "but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have."'

Favourite character:

My favourite character in the book had to, undoubtedly, be Jamie Fraser. Although I absolutely loved Claire and found her extremely courageous and smart, there was something about Jamie and the way he was portrayed that intrigued me. As well as acting compassionate, brave and fiercely loyal, he always did everything in his power to keep his own family safe from harm, even if it meant putting himself through emotional and physical pain.

3 words to describe the book:

Violent, gripping, graphic.



As well as being a book series, Outlander is also a TV show. And call me biased, but I think it may be one of the most amazing onscreen adaptations I've ever watched (aside from Game of Thrones, of course). You can find more about it here. Just a warning, though: both the book and the TV show are very, very graphic and gruesome - something not to watch if you can't handle blood and guts and harrowing scenes.


  1. Jamie is my favourite! He is so selfless and loyal, and just generally amazing! I really liked Claire too, her viewpoint of the world she landed in was so interesting and I think she adapted to life there surprisingly well. I love how stubborn she is too!
    I read the books first, so I was happy with how faithful the TV show was. They did miss out some of my favourite parts of the book, but I still enjoyed it. The theme song was stuck in my head for days after I finished watching the series haha.
    Outlander girls for life!!

    1. I know, I love him to pieces, and Sam Heughan does such an amazing job at bringing his character to life. I agree -- I love the fact that Claire is able to handle anything (and also stand her ground against everyone, including her own husband).

      I actually watched the TV show before I read the books . . . I had no idea that Outlander was even a thing until I saw it advertised on a YouTube channel. I'm so glad I finally joined the fandom and bought the books haha. And even when I'm not watching the show, I almost always have the theme tune stuck in my head!


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