Windwitch (The Witchlands #2)

Thanks to UK Tor Books HQ, I've once again been able to immerse myself in the rich, dark and magical world of the Witchlands, a place that I've fallen in love with completely. After devouring Truthwitch, I just knew that I had to get my hands on a copy of the second book - and the story was just as brilliant and as intriguing as the first.

The second book in the Witchlands series focuses on the story of the prince of Nubrevna, Merik Nihar. After narrowly escaping the clutches of dead, nobody must learn of his survival - he must now hide himself amongst the shadows and become the ghost he ought to be. Bruised and bloodied, he embarks on a dangerous journey to the Royal Capital, where the people on the streets whisper of a disfigured demigod named The Fury, who seeks justice for the innocent.

In another land, Safiya and Iseult both continue to battle their own demons: one Threadsister has been ruthlessly captured along with the Empress of Marstok, and the other is making a perilous journey across the Witchlands with a Bloodwitch who knows of the bounty on her head.

Favourite quote:

'If a man is better armed or better trained, Habim had taught, then do as he orders. It is better to live and look for opportunity than to die out-matched.'

Favourite character:

Okay, so, I know this book centred around Merik a lot - who I absolutely adored in the first book - but I actually found myself drawn more to Aeduan, the Bloodwitch. The story really developed his character and made me realise that he's not just a badass monk who has the ability to kill quickly and heal unusually fast - he has an intriguing back story and a soft side (I'm also hardcore shipping him with Iseult).

3 words to describe the book:

Exciting, emotional, detailed.



I'm so excited to read the third novella, Bloodwitch, when it's released. I'm hoping it's going to be out next year, because I'm honestly so excited to read more about Aeduan's character, and the darkness that's following certain characters around who cannot be named for obvious spoiler reasons.

If you haven't read Truthwitch yet and you love fantasy, I highly recommend investing in the first book. And then the second. Trust me when I say you'll enjoy them.

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