After stumbling across the synopsis online, I just knew that I had to read Frostblood at some point in the year. When it was on sale as an e-book for less than half price, I took it as a sign (or, rather, an excuse) to buy it. 

Elly Blake's debut novel is about Ruby, a Fireblood living in a world dictated by cold and merciless Frostbloods. She has spent her whole life concealing her powers, but when her mother is murdered in cold blood and rebel Frostbloods ask her for help to overthrow the tyrannous king, she comes out of hiding to help take revenge.

If Ruby is to strike down the king, she must learn how to confidently wield her powers. And to do that, she must train with the rebels until controlling heat and flame becomes as natural as breathing. But convinced that the rebels see her as nothing more than a weapon to use to their advantage - including Arcus, a Frostblood who infuriates her - it's difficult to do anything right.

Before they can follow through with their plans, Ruby is captured by the Frostblood army and forced to compete in a tournament for the king's entertainment, where Frostbloods and Firebloods are pitted against each other until one of them - or both - is dead. But if she can survive, maybe Ruby's victory will give her the perfect chance to carry out her vendetta once and for all.

Favourite quote:

'"Ruthlessness is not power. Tyranny is not strength."'

Favourite character:

My favourite character in the book was Ruby. Despite being scared of the power she possessed, she showed lots of tenacity when trying to learn how to correctly wield it. She was also quick witted and sassy, and never let other people put her down for being somebody different.

3 words to describe the book:

Brutal, dramatic, enjoyable. 



I was going to give this book four stars, but after some reflection, I had to knock it down one because I felt like the plot was a bit predictable in places. Having said that, there was one twist I didn't see coming - namely towards the end of the book - that made me really excited to read Fireblood when it's out.

If you love young adult fantasy novels with magic and headstrong female leads, this is undoubtedly the perfect book for you.

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