This Raging Light

This Raging Light, written by newly established author Estelle Laure, has quickly become my new favourite YA read. As soon as the book was delivered to my doorstep, I devoured the whole 312 pages in one sitting. And here is why you should definitely, undoubtedly read it.

As well as being a poignant novella, the storyline is one that will pull at your heartstrings (and, of course, make you shed a few tears). The plot is based around one central character, teenager Lucille, who's been abandoned by her mother and is consequently left to care for her nine year old sister, Wren. Her life is already difficult enough, juggling schoolwork, keeping secrets from her teachers and neighbours, and paying bills with the little money she earns. And then, add another complication to her life: the beautiful and irrevocably intriguing Digby Jones, who makes her insides turn to mush. And is her best friend's brother. And also has a girlfriend. A story of friendship, first crushes, and what it means to cling onto hope, this novel is one that will appeal to all of those looking for a light-hearted read, that also explores serious issues e.g. the theme of abandonment. And it's one hell of a debut novel!

Favourite quote:

'I didn't understand yet that everything always changes. It's a law of the universe.'

Favourite character:

My favourite character in the book definitely had to be Eden, Digby's twin and Lucille's BFF. Why did I like her? Because her friendship with Lucille wasn't always compatible. Albeit being portrayed as stubborn and fiercely loyal, she wasn't perfect: she argued, fell out with the people she cared about, and said and did the wrong things. But the fact that she made mistakes (and owned up to them) was one of the many reasons why I loved her.

3 words to describe the book:

Raw, heart-wrenching, eye-opening.



Estelle Laure is now awaiting the second publication of her book These Mighty Forces, which will be hitting the shelves in January 2017. I'm beyond excited.


  1. I'll second that . . . For me Estelle's debut was her extraordinary knack at passionately memorizing every nursery rhyme and song at age 4 in her London nursery school. She had a perfect British accent. Estelle Laure's proud mother!

    1. I'm so excited for her second book to hit the shelves! Thank you for reading my blog, by the way!


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