The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)

I was lucky enough to receive some books for Christmas, three of which were the first in the Magisterium series written by Holly Black and my favourite fantasy author ever, Cassandra Clare. I finished reading the first book, The Iron Trial, in one sitting, and it was such a fun, light two-hundred and ninety five page read.

The first book in the series tells the story of Callum Hunt, a mage who wants to purposely fail the Iron Trail, a test which measures his magical abilities and determines whether he will get accepted into one of the most prestigious schools of magic. Throughout his childhood, his dad has warned him that the Magisterium is a dangerous place. People die and bad things happen there - so naturally, all Call wants to do is fail. Except he doesn't.

After being accepted into the Magisterium under the terms of Master Rufus, a warlock who sees great potential in him where others don't, he must now learn to successfully wield his magic. But wielding magic is only the beginning of his journey.

Favourite quote:

'They all yelled in excitement. Tamara yelled because she was happy. Aaron yelled because he liked it when other people were happy, and Call yelled because he was sure they were going to die.'

Favourite character:

Callum. I really liked how he was presented as a teenage character with conscious and relatable thoughts; he had flaws, he wasn't perfect, and he was just someone who was trying to muddle through a bad situation and make the best of it.

3 words to describe the book:

Light, fun, (occasionally) comedic.



If you're looking for a fun, quick read, I highly recommend The Iron Trial (and even though I haven't read the next two books in the series yet, I can vouch that you should also buy The Copper Gauntlet and The Bronze Key, because they're going to be awesome, too).


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