Glory O'Briens History of The Future

I recently finished reading Glory O'Briens History of the Future, which means I've now read a total of four books in April whilst juggling revision for my May exams - go me!

Glory O'Briens History of the Future is about Glory, a girl who has learned to coped with devastating loss at a young age. After graduating from high school, supposedly meant to be one of the best moments of her life, all Glory can think about is how her mother isn't there to give her advice on which path to take next. 

Celebrating graduation in the only way she knows how, she seeks out the comfort of her best friend Ellie - and after a crazy night of drinking, Glory wakes up with the power to see a person's past and future. With a single glance, she is able to see a person's family tree: the ancestors they had, and the generations they will help to bear. And more importantly, she can see into the future of the universe - a second civil war, where the rights of women are diminished and a tyrannical leader reigns.

Now all Glory needs to do is figure out how to stop it from happening - and although she can't see what her own future holds for her, she'll do anything to make sure that the future she sees for the human race won't come to pass.

Favourite quote:

'The process of growing up is a little like being on a runaway train. There is nothing you can do about it once it starts, and it starts when you're born. The bat had no say in the matter. We had no say in the matter. You have no say in the matter.'

Favourite character:

Glory. She grew up so quickly throughout the story, and I felt like a proud friend on the side-line watching her achieve so many things and make a new beginning for herself. She was far from perfect, and that's what I liked about her the most.

3 words to describe the book:

Bizarre, interesting, unpredictable.



This book was strange, but in a good way. If you forget about the fact that Glory got her superpowers from a bat (no, I'm not kidding), then it's actually a pretty decent read. And it's also very well written. If you like bizarre stories interweaved with dystopia, you'll really enjoy this!

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