The Graces

I completely forgot about the fact that I owned a copy of The Graces until I was tidying my shelves up a few weeks ago. It was a book that was given to me as a Christmas gift, and one that I vowed to start reading  only once my exams were over in the summer... but after reading the first few pages, I decided to retract my promise. The story just seemed too interesting to put down.

Laure Eve's magical and enchanting novel is about three siblings - Fenrin, Thalia and Summer - rumoured to be witches by the locals. They live a life wrapped in secrecy and glamour, and are said to be able to conjure up magic as easily as drawing breath.

Just like everybody else, River is intrigued by them. At school, the Graces only ever keep to themselves - so nobody can quite figure out why Summer suddenly  decides to take River under her wing.

River soon finds herself drawn in to the life of the Graces. The magic, the friendship, the little world of their own they seem to live in - she's captivated by it. But soon, things begin to spiral out of control. Are the Graces really who they claim to be? And are they more dangerous than she thought?

Favourite quote:

'"I think sometimes you must get bored of how much everyone worships you, when maybe they don't even know the real you. Maybe the real you is darker than the one you show the world."'

Favourite character:

Summer. She seemed the most down to earth Grace sibling, and I loved the friendship that blossomed between her and River, despite it being a rocky one. I also had a soft spot for Fenrin, too - he was so charismatic, and every time he was mentioned, I swooned a little on the inside.

3 words to describe the book:

Compelling, magical, dark.



I devoured The Graces so quickly, and was extremely annoyed at myself for finishing it within a day and not making the book last longer! If you're into dark fantasy filled with lots of twists and intrigue, this is definitely a book I recommend picking up (and Laure Eve is releasing a sequel of the book in September, which is guaranteed to be absolutely brilliant! The next five months of waiting are really going to drag).

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