I'm taking part in my second blog tour of the month, this time for Ed McDonald's debut novel, Blackwing (bringing my total of books read this July to a brilliant six!).

Blackwing follows the story of Ryhalt Galharrow, a man who used to belong to nobility (the 'cream'), but is now a mercenary who's barely scraping by for a living. Every day, he waits for his master Crowfoot - one of the ancient beings of the Nameles he serves - to give him orders. And he always goes through with them. Even if it means travelling across The Misery and risking his life to search for a high-ranking noblewoman.

The Misery is an expansive, ever-changing wasteland crawling with evil creatures, created when the Engine, an extremely powerful weapon, was unleashed against the Deep Kings to keep them at bay. But the Deep Kings and their armies are still watching the people - and it's only a matter of time before they strike out again, and everyone is put into danger.

Journeying across The Misery, armed with weaponry to strike down both monsters and people, Ryhalt soon finds himself caught up in the middle of an attack by the Deep Kings... and only a surprising display of power from the woman he's seeking out manages to save him. 

In a past he's kept buried for many years, Ryhalt knew the noblewoman well, and together, they uncover a secret that not only threatens to bring a painful end to a long-lasting and treasured peace, but makes Ryhalt question everything he once knew. 

Favourite quote:

'The Nameless don't share their plans, they just strike the tune for us to dance to.'

Favourite character:

Ryhalt. Despite having some major personality flaws, e.g. constantly being bitter and disregarding  any high-ranking position of authority, he was an extremely entertaining character. He threw himself into the face of danger time and time again, and he was extremely loyal to his crew members (particularly Nenn and Tnota, who helped me understand that Ryhalt wasn't as tough as nails, and actually cared more deeply than he let on).

3 words to describe the book:

Action packed, tense, intriguing. 



The book was extremely detailed, so much so that it took me a good chunk of the story to become fully invested in the plot. Having said that, one thing that I found to be really brilliant about this novel was the world building. The Misery was so intricately described and it's definitely a place I'd never, ever want to go to... and when a book genuinely makes you feel afraid of a post apocalyptic, fictional world, you know it has done its job well. 

If you love stories that are not only set in dark landscapes, but are also shrouded in politics and filled with conspiracy, fighting and bloodshed, there's no doubt about it: Blackwing is the book for you.

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